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The strong economic ties between the US and the Netherlands supported 740,000 American jobs in 2013. Find out which states are the main beneficiaries of this centuries-old partnership, and see how the Netherlands is invested in your home state.

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Partnerships at Work

More than 850 Dutch companies call the US home, making innovative products and technological advances that contribute to nearly every aspect of American life. Below are some of the stories behind the companies that make the partnership between the US and the Netherlands work.
  • 'Dolf van den Brink likes to tell a famous story to illustrate how strongly the Dutch beer brewer H...'

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    Dolf van den Brink

    Heineken (New York)

  • 'Oscar Warmerdam sees green skies in his future. Or at least, that’s the color the president of M...'

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    Oscar Warmerdam

    Moerings USA (Virginia)

  • 'If you have a phone or a bank card, you possibly benefitted from the work of Riscure Inc. The Dutc...'

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    Marc Witteman

    Riscure (California)

Trade Breakdown

Trade between the USA and the Netherlands has grown immensely since we established trade relations 400 years ago.

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Foreign Direct Investment

The Netherlands is the most attractive country for foreign companies looking to establish themselves in Western Europe.* No wonder American companies invest so much in the Dutch economy. The Netherlands also believes strongly in the US economy.

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Job Creation

The economic ties between the USA and the Netherlands support 740K American jobs.

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To compare, this is more than enough jobs to employ every active member of the US Army.