Your international advantage

  • Established :1996
  • State :Massachusetts
  • Employees:400 worldwide; 250 in the United States


Have you ever made an international long distance phone call? Then iBasis was probably instrumental in making sure it was received loud and clear. And for the right price, CEO Willem Offerhaus would add. iBasis, subsidiary of Dutch KPN, is a global company connecting telephone and data traffic between carriers. It serves approximately 1,000 providers worldwide, including most of the major providers in the global communication market such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) providers like Skype.

“Decades ago, when there were few big players in the telecom market, it was easy for a company to find the best tariffs for international calls. Today, there are so many destinations and different techniques for making calls, carriers need guidance so they can serve their customers better,” Offerhaus said. “If somebody makes a long-distance call, our system automatically selects the best available route to connect them.”

iBasis uses complicated algorithms to spot the best deals of the moment and proprietary technology to monitor network quality around the world. “Innovation is at the core of our company, he said. “That’s why we are based in Massachusetts, close to universities with a treasure trove of technical talent.”

iBasis was a frontrunner in VoIP in the 1990s, and today is a leader in IP exchange. According to Offerhaus, mobile is still the fastest growing market. “On a daily basis, we cover tens of thousands of routes connecting the US to the rest of the world.”

Offerhaus sees a bright future for his company. “The world is getting more connected by the day, through phones, SMS messaging and video conferencing. Businesses are operating more globally. That means the demand for communications will continue to grow. And iBasis will be at its forefront, enabling global communications.”