Bridging design and manufacturing

Pontis Engineering

In a way, Pontis Engineering is a company of master bakers whose kitchen is the world and whose eyes are fixed on the horizon.

But instead of mixing ingredients to make a better cupcake, Pontis Engineering looks for the right recipe to make products out of composite materials that improve the world: maintenance-free windmill parts; lighter cars, planes and trains; corrosion-resistant boat hulls; and even combinations of them all. The result is products that last longer, cost less to maintain, and use less energy.

“We specialize in ‘one-stop shop’ engineering solutions for the technological development of composite products, excelling in innovative power, cost-effectiveness and quality,” said Nicholas Althoff, general manager of the US office for Pontis Engineering. “To this end, we supply a wide range of services covering the entire process from conceptual design to (serial) production and transportation.”

The company’s American office is in La Crosse, Wisc., but it is part of an international company based in Amsterdam. Althoff said he enjoys being on the frontier of next-generation materials and products while interacting with people from around the world.

The company is best known for its services and innovations in wind energy, but its engineers develop composite products that cover a much broader spectrum, including the aerospace, civil and marine sector.

“We have helped numerous composite companies implement new products or improve their processes, but we work behind the scenes,” Althoff said. “At the end of the day, we will improve our customers’ bottom lines by getting them where they need to go faster and smarter than if they relied on their own resources.”

He said Pontis Engineering chose America because its composite materials market represents 36 percent of the global composites industry.

Its close ties with the Netherlands “means that the door is open for business in Europe and North America. It is a strategic importance to grow the business in multiple poles to leverage the best chance of success,” he said. “By setting up an office in the US, Pontis has expanded the potential market greatly, and we can leverage our global expertise to support our clients in the States.”