• Established :2000
  • State :New York
  • Employees:400 worldwide; 50 in the USA
  • Website:www.suitsupply.com


For Fokke de Jong, CEO and founder of Suitsupply, “providing the perfect fit without fitting in” is a daily mantra.

His company sells men’s suits that are traditional in make, but modern in style, using only the finest Italian fabric sourced from mills in the Biella region. “We serve men who function in the corporate system, but don’t want to surrender to it. With our suits, they can distinguish themselves in a subtle way,” de Jong said.

Suitsupply offers attainable luxury by cutting out the middle man. “Most high-end companies spend 70 percent of their budget on bringing the product to you. We do everything in-house.”

Suitsupply is also known to opt for unconventional store locations as its strategy is more destination-based. “We don’t need to be next to the established brand names. Our customers research their options at home and know what they want once they enter our stores,” de Jong said.

Suitsupply’s marketing strategy depends highly on word-of-mouth, and the word is certainly out in New York. After just a few months in the USA, Suitsupply already started to scout new store locations. The company now has 11 stores in the United States, including Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Houston Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

“We see a growing market for quality suits. People are interested in dressing sharper,” the CEO said.

De Jong said he was not surprised that Americans have embraced his brand faster than any other country. “Americans appreciate creativity and originality. But they also want the real thing. With us, they get both,” he said.