Trade between the Netherlands and the USA has grown immensely since we established trade relations 400 years ago. Major Dutch companies, like Aegon, Ahold, DSM and Heineken call the US home and many of our well-known products are used by American families everyday. Think about cheese, fresh produce, eggs, steel products or electrical equipment to name just a few.

Many of our well-known products land on kitchen tables of American families every day. Americans especially like our cheese, fresh produce, chocolate, coffee, cacao, tea, and beer. – See more at:


In 2014, the US imported $30.56 billion in goods and services from the Netherlands while exporting $59.79 billion, putting the Netherlands in the top 10 countries with which the US has a trade surplus. See also: Trade infographic

That same year, companies in the Netherlands maintained their investments in the US at $305 billion (up from $261 billion the prior year) while US companies increased their investments in the Netherlands to $753 billion (up from $717 billion the prior year).

These close economic ties supported 740,000 Americans jobs.

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